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Three steps to creative wealth

You’re a creative professional. You’re excellent at what you do and you’ve had a lot of wins in your career.

Your team and your clients love you for the success you’ve brought to their business.

The problem is...

All these wins and all this success isn’t translating into the ultimate win for you.

Which is the ability to transfer the money you earn on your creative projects into a long-term monetary value in your life.

In short, you want to be able to earn passive income on the money you make, but you're not sure how to go about it.

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Your wealth gap and how to solve it...

A common problem we see with creative professionals is they know this but they don’t know how to steer their way through this problem.

Your investment portfolio might look a bit like this:

- Maybe you’ve bought a few shares in well-known companies that you think will continue to do well.

- You’ve got an account with an investment app like Nutmeg to Netwealth

- You might have dabbled with cryptocurrency or NFTs

- And on New Year’s Eve you made a last-minute investment in your mate’s fitness company

You've diversified your tactics but you have no clear strategy. And that's why we built WealthMap®.

WealthMap® allows you to visualise your long term strategy. And select an investment plan that suits you and your long term goals.

Our three steps are simple. Forecast, Customise and Optimise your finances to financial independence.

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Our Approach


We do the heavy lifting by analysing your current position, spending habits, and assets.

We use this information to create your Base Plan. This is how your future looks if you carry on as you are.


This is where we work with you to design and build your ideal future.

We work out when you want to buy a home or investment property, if you want to take a sabbatical, or retire early. How you want to help family members financially now, or later - and so on.

We can show you exactly what money moves you need to make now to achieve everything you envision for your future.  


Now that we’ve designed the life you want, we can make it happen.

We use tailor-made software to “test” your plan against a century of data and global events.

And, we use our technical insight to reduce investment costs and create tax-saving strategies.

Doing this gives a clear indication of how resilient your plan is and whether we need to make further adjustments to nullify any of the risks we’ve identified.

And as time goes by, we keep a constant oversight of your plan and make regular calculations to ensure you remain on track.
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7 boring (but effective) things to do with your money in your 40s

If you want to do something that your future self will thank you for, do these 7 things now. It may be more boring than watching paint dry, but you’ll feel much better about it in the long run.
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