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Clear and transparent fees

Inital meetings: Any meetings at the start will be at our cost. So you can decide whether we are the right firm for you before making a commitment.

WealthMap: To complete the WealthMap planning process, which will include the 'Forecast', 'Customise' and 'Optimise' planning sessions with you, we charge a fee of between £1,995 and £4,995. The level of the fee is determined by the complexity of your finances.

Momentum: If you would like our support on an ongoing basis, we have a service for you called Momentum. Momentum clients are charged 1% of the assets we manage, or £245 per month if the assets we manage are less than £300,000.

Pro Bono: We want to help as many families as we can and we keep 10% of time available for those who find our fees unaffordable. If you would like to apply for this service, please make contact.

All fees are inclusive of VAT and are agreed in writing with you before we begin.