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Barnaby Cecil: WealthMap® is an award winning financial planning service that will help you to understand, design and build the future that you want from your finances.

We follow a three step process:

Step 1: Forecast. Using a standardised set of calculations, we show you first how your finances are likely to play out, if you carry on exactly as you are. We use your previous saving habits, State Pension forecasts and Office of National Statistics for your life expectancy, based on your date of birth. Before we start planning, we will create a Base Plan for us both to work from together.

Step 2: Customise. Now that you have your Base Plan, you can begin to "Customise" your own personal WealthMap. This is the stage where you can influence and change your future, giving you complete control of your finances, years in advance. Change how and when you want to retire, buy a second home abroad or create legacy for your children. We will help you understand and maximise your personal financial resources, freeing you to live a fulfiling life, free from financial worry.

Step 3: Optimise. Now we have built and designed the life you want. Our software will produce a tangible blueprint for your bespoke financial plan. Here, we add our strategic input and provide financial advice. What can we do, as a team working alongside you, to make your dream future happen? For example, how can we increase investment returns, save cost and reduce tax? We use all of our professional skills and experience to make your planning streamlined and robust. At this stage, we may introduce our Barnaby Cecil: Optimise® service. This service provides ongoing and lifelong support to you and your family.

When you have completed the WealthMap® process, we will discuss with you how best to execute your financial plan, turning the pages and illustrations within your report into reality.

If appropriate, we will introduce to you our Navigate Portfolios®, which will allow you to access the great capital markets of the world.

You can monitor your financial progess 24/7 and 365 via our Client Portal, Barnaby Cecil: The App®.  

The engaging WealthMap® process will transform your dreams into reality.

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Our other services

Copy here introducing the client stories section and examples of testimonials

People at retirement

Retirees now have 101 ways to access their money at retirement. Well, perhaps not 101, but enough to make things rather daunting if you’re navigating this yourself. We’ll guide you through the best options for you so that you have the flexibility, control and peace of mind to retire the way you want to.

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Medical professionals

The complexities of the NHS pension scheme mean that without financial advice, health professionals could end up paying more tax than they need to. We’ll help you understand all aspects of your NHS pension and structure your finances tax efficiently. You’ll also be able to plan the retirement you really want, and other financial goals along the way.

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Media and tech professionals

We have clients at firms such as Google, Facebook and leading agencies, so we understand the details of your unique employment structure. We can advise you on how best to maximise your employee benefits. And if you don’t fancy reading that 40-page document HR sent you on your company share options, relax. We’ve read it for you.

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The App®

The App is a Client Portal that allows you to monitor you investments, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.  All of your financial data is held in one secure place, giving you total control over your financial affairs. Digitise your plans and keep everything secure, via tablet, mobile or desktop.

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Navigate Portfolios®

Monitored regularly and rebalanced accordingly, Navigate Portfolios allow you to access the world’s capital markets, via market leading firms like Vanguard and BlackRock, at minimal cost. When combined with our planning tool, WealthMap, our Navigate Portfolios allow you to plan with confidence.

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