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Future proof your retirement

How we work with doctors

Making a lifelong financial plan as a doctor requires an understanding of three key areas.

First, you need an understanding where you are now and what life will look if you carry on as you are. For example, how much pension will you receive from the NHS and when? How is your pension affected by recent changes in legislation?

Once you know what you have, it's much easier to make key decisions that will affect your future. Can you afford to move home and still drop two PAs before retirement? Or perhaps you can drop a session as a GP to both make your pension more effecient and also allow you to spend more time with your children before they leave for university.

Finally, when you know what you have and you also understand what you want, you can then align your finances to deliver your personal aims.

To help you achieve all this and answer these big and impactful questions in life, we built an award-winning financial planning service called WealthMap®.

Retire on your terms or better

Tom will take your through a series of planning sessions that will first establish what your future looks like under standard terms.

You will see a visual representation of each aspect of your life financially and how you retire on standard terms.

Together, you and Tom will work out which aspects of that picture do you want to change?

Tom and the Barnaby Cecil team will then work out the best way to Optimise your finances to achieve that desired outcome.

And when you align your finances with that vision, we will ensure that the WealthMap® we have designed together is delivered.

You'll have total peace of mind that everything we have discussed is acheiveable and you can look forward to a comfortable lifestyle after decades of dedicated public service. 

If you’re ready to take control of your personal situation and have full clarity around your finances both now and into retirement…

Click the button below to book a 30-minute Discovery call today and let’s create your very own WealthMap®

You may also find our NHS Pensions Podcast helpful. Available here.

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