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Barnaby Cecil for doctors

We offer specialist pension guidance to senior NHS consultants.

We can help you to fully understand all aspects of your NHS pension. We will provide you with a clear, bespoke and informative pension report that explains what you have accrued to date, the ways in which you can access your benefits and what you will receive when you retire.  

We can also demonstrate the effect, for example, a reduction in your PA contract now will have on your retirement figures. Or the effect of retiring early, the options if you choose to retire and return and more recently, the impact that your NHS pension straddling both Section 1995/2008 and 2015 schemes has had upon your retirement choices.  
We can calculate and show you the effect of any NHS pension retirement scenario you wish to consider.

And as you would expect, we will explain to you the impact the Lifetime or Annual Allowance, may have on your pension and keep you informed of any internal or external changes to the scheme or pension legislation.

Would you benefit from pension advice?

Our NHS Pension Strategy Report costs £1,500 (inc VAT) and takes around eight weeks to complete. If you have a specialist NHS pension scheme, such as MHO status, our fees may increase slightly. We will inform you in advance if so. Once you become a client, we are here and on hand to answer any future queries you may have.

We also provide this service to Financial Advisers and Accountants who have medical clients but require specialist technical assistance with the NHS pension scheme.

If you are a doctor or a senior healthcare professional and you would like assistance with your NHS pension, please make contact for an exploratory meeting, which will be at our cost.

You may also find our NHS Pensions Podcast helpful. Available here.

Life goes better when you make a plan.