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Pro Bono: Support service

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Having a financial planner by your side is an incredible asset. It can give you freedom, choice, security and confidence. It can open new doors, create new beginnings and remove stress.

But unfortunately, not everyone can afford personal financial advice, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who need it. So what happens to them?

As part of our Pro Bono: Support service, we donate 10% of our time to people with complex financial planning needs, who may not be able to access the support of a financial planner due to the costs.

We have a set of skills that may be of particular use to Key Workers, especially those working in the NHS. We also have clients in creative roles and in the Arts.

The service includes an initial consultation, a full audit of their current financial situation, an examination of what their financial goals are, and how Barnaby Cecil can help set them up for financial success.

The package is usually worth around £1,995 in set up fees and £245 per month on an ongoing basis.

Each year we will work with ten families / individuals to help them plan their financial futures.

If you’d like to apply for the scheme, or know anyone who would benefit from this, please contact us.

Our other services

Copy here introducing the client stories section and examples of testimonials

People at retirement

Retirees now have 101 ways to access their money at retirement. Well, perhaps not 101, but enough to make things rather daunting if you’re navigating this yourself. We’ll guide you through the best options for you so that you have the flexibility, control and peace of mind to retire the way you want to.

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Medical professionals

The complexities of the NHS pension scheme mean that without financial advice, health professionals could end up paying more tax than they need to. We’ll help you understand all aspects of your NHS pension and structure your finances tax efficiently. You’ll also be able to plan the retirement you really want, and other financial goals along the way.

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Media and tech professionals

We have clients at firms such as Google, Facebook and leading agencies, so we understand the details of your unique employment structure. We can advise you on how best to maximise your employee benefits. And if you don’t fancy reading that 40-page document HR sent you on your company share options, relax. We’ve read it for you.

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