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Our Story

Founded by Tom Skinner and Emma Walker Barnaby Cecil was created so that professionals and people at retirement could get exceptional financial planning.

The name Barnaby Cecil takes the middle names of Tom’s two young children, reflecting our family values and our personal approach.

We really wanted to create and deliver our own financial planning process so that we could deliver bespoke financial planning to busy, high achieving professionals. Having our own practice means we’re not constrained by investment processes or choice of funds. We’re free to explore the full range of possibilities to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Our process is backed by leading empirical research, combined with experience gained from over 20 years of listening and talking to people about their relationship with money.

Tom Skinner

Financial Planning Director

Tom’s career in financial services began in 2003 after he graduated from Birmingham University. Tom worked for firms such as Cavendish Medical and Smith & Williamson before co-founding Barnaby Cecil.

His focus is to understand the psychological aspects of finance and link this to a meaningful and fulfilling client outcome. An avid reader, his planning principles have been heavily influenced by the works of Kahneman, Taleb and Bogle. This approach helps him to understand human behaviour and how this translates into solutions that allow his clients to maximise the utility of their wealth.

Emma Walker

Financial Planning Executive

Emma is a founder, Paraplanner and the main research analyst at Barnaby Cecil. Emma graduated from Coventry University with a Masters in Finance and Investment.

Emma works closely with Tom and uses a range of tools to create sustainable solutions that combine leading academic rigor with a practical approach to money management.

Emma enjoys travel and recently explored India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Faith Liversedge

Marketing Partner

Faith ensures we communicate the work we’re doing at Barnaby Cecil in an engaging and thought-provoking way, so that our clients are informed, and potential new clients can see the benefits of working with us.

She has 20 years’ experience of creating, developing and delivering distinctive and award-winning marketing content and campaigns in the retail financial services space, working with a range of organisations including Standard Life, Prudential and Royal London.

Faith also likes dachshunds.

George Cooper

Technology Partner

George works to make sure all the technical aspects of Barnaby Cecil come together to offer the best digital experience to customers and prospects.

After a short career in film and television, George realised he was a better strategist than creative. As such he now spends his time bringing together the pieces to build great web experiences and campaigns.

George likes traveling and (pre-pandemic) was often found behind a laptop in various locations around the world.