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Retirement planning for the modern age

Traditional retirement is a thing of the past.

We’re all living longer and working differently. A job for life with a carriage clock at the end is largely no more. There are also many options now, including different ways to access our pensions, which means retirement can now look different for everyone.

This means retirement planning needs a more flexible, personal approach. But where to start? For many people the thought of retirement can be overwhelming.

Should I take an annuity or a drawdown? What impact will tax have on my pension? How much do I need to support the lifestyle I want? How should I spend my pension? Do I even have enough to retire?

We work with people at exactly this stage of life to answer these important questions and to put their minds at ease.

Retirement should be exciting

It gives you the freedom to explore new avenues, take on new challenges and most importantly, do the things you’ve always wanted to do. We’ll help you to feel excited by your retirement rather than bewildered by it.

We do that by starting with you

We find out where you’ve been what you’ve done and what’s made you successful. We ask what’s left, where could you go next?

We’ll help you to make sure you’re maximising your pensions and investments in the lead up to retirement and withdrawing it in the most tax efficient way possible thereafter.

We’ll highlight the opportunities, identify the pitfalls and challenge you to discover your potential through your wealth so that you can enjoy a long and fulfilling retirement.

Life is so much better when you have a plan. Let us help you create it.

5 myths about retirement to avoid

The way we retire has changed dramatically in recent years, but many of the myths around retirement remain. Find out which ones to avoid in this free download.
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