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Bespoke financial planning for digital execs and creative leaders.

Barnaby Cecil was created to provide exceptional financial planning for fascinating people.

Our process is backed by leading empirical research, combined with experience gained from over 20 years of listening and talking to people about their relationship with money.

We’ll help you to create a road map for your future

Welcome to Barnaby Cecil. We provide exceptional financial planning solutions for fascinating people.

Financial planning is different to traditional financial advice, which usually focuses on your money, products and investment performance.

We focus on you as a person. We’ll ask you how did you start out? What made you successful? What would you do differently? We’ll find out about where you want to go in life, your big plans and your dream retirement.  

Then we’ll create a financial plan to help you achieve exactly what you want from life.

Tom Skinner
Founder, Barnaby Cecil

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Approach

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People at retirement

Retirees now have 101 ways to access their money at retirement. Well, perhaps not 101, but enough to make things rather daunting if you’re navigating this yourself. We’ll guide you through the best options for you so that you have the flexibility, control and peace of mind to retire the way you want to.

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Medical professionals

The complexities of the NHS pension scheme mean that without financial advice, health professionals could end up paying more tax than they need to. We’ll help you understand all aspects of your NHS pension and structure your finances tax efficiently. You’ll also be able to plan the retirement you really want, and other financial goals along the way.

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Media and tech professionals

We have clients at firms such as Google, Facebook and leading agencies, so we understand the details of your unique employment structure. We can advise you on how best to maximise your employee benefits. And if you don’t fancy reading that 40-page document HR sent you on your company share options, relax. We’ve read it for you.

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WealthMap is a 12 week process that will help you to understand, design and build the future that you want from your finances.  Underpinned by award winning software, CashCalc and Timeline, your finances and financial future will come alive in front of you, through a dynamic and highly bespoke Report.

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Navigate Portfolios®

Monitored regularly and rebalanced accordingly, Navigate Portfolios allow you to access the world’s capital markets, via market leading firms like Vanguard and BlackRock, at minimal cost.  We are able to test our investment performance back to the 1900s and would be delighted to share this data with you. When combined with our planning tool, WealthMap, our Navigate Portfolios allow you to plan with confidence.

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The App®

Our app is a Client Portal that allows you to monitor you investments, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.  All of your financial data is held in one secure place, giving you total control over your financial affairs. Digitise your plans and keep everything secure, via Tablet or Mobile.

The App is currently under development (ready November 2020).

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Our Process

Client-centred financial planning can be a life changing and fulfilling experience for you and your family. We have a four-step process.
Understand you

We will listen to your requirements and you can ask lots of questions about the firm and the service we provide. Meetings usually take place at our offices in Highgate or Moorgate.

Design the plan

We will begin to design a bespoke plan for you through an award winning service called WealthMap®.
This will provide a framework that we will return to for many years.

Implement the plan

In order to achieve your aims, it is likely that you will need to invest, although this is not always the case. If so, we will introduce you to the Navigate Portfolios® and the team behind our investment success.

Review the plan

If you engage with our ongoing service, Optimise®, we will talk to you regularly and we are available throughout the year. And, at least annually, we will sit down together and review your objectives and update your WealthMap®.

You can monitor your progress, 24/7 via our award winning client portal, Barnably Cecil: The App®.

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Our Process

Our process is backed by leading empirical research, combined with experience gained from over 20 years of listening and talking to people about their relationship with money.

What our clients say

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Engaging, not boring

“Tom really helped me. Finance products don't interest me, but Tom made the meetings all about me and what I wanted to do in the future. I found it a really enjoyable and engaging process. I now have a proper plan and I'm saving towards a series of goals and things I want out of life.”

Jane Cartwright, Digital Exec, London

Complex NHS planning

“Tom has a very detailed knowledge of complex NHS planning and tax liabilities. He was also very proactive before and during Covid-19, and as a result I’ve not experienced any loss in my investment portfolio. I like his personal and balanced approach to investing, with broad range of investments and tracker fund approach.”

Mr Rob Morris, Surgeon, Southampton

A long-term partnership

“I’ve been Tom’s client for over 15 years and he’s always been always polite courteous, his response time is very quick and if he doesn’t know the answer straightaway, he’ll find out and come back with one. He’s honest, hardworking and it’s difficult to find someone like that in financial services!”

Dr PD Gupta, GP, Dudley

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