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The way forward

What is a plan and why do we do it?

Put simply, planning helps to identify your goals and we do it because it provides a way of achieving them.

But a plan also enables us to adapt. Without a plan, there’s nothing to grab onto. A little like the Titanic, which famously had 20 lifeboats that could only accommodate 1,178 people, despite the fact that there were 2,208 on board. Any more would have ruined the ship’s aesthetic. And after all, it was ‘unsinkable’ right?

With adequate support vessels in place, we are ready

We’re prepared to adapt further alongside any ongoing volatility that the effects of the Coronavirus may bring. In the same way as we adapted in February as a precautionary measure by suggesting clients significantly reduce their exposure to equities and, instead, hold much more cash.

The next annual reviews we have with you may be some of the most important we ever have. We imagine you’ll provide us with information that cannot be anticipated and is unique to you. We are ready.

We now have a two-stage recovery plan for you that takes into account your wellbeing

Stage 1 is to ensure at your next annual review that I ask you a simple question: “Are you OK?”

We work with many healthcare professionals and business owners. Each in their own sphere will be utilising hidden resources and drawing on hidden strengths while they are in “I can fix this” Herculean mode. And thanks to that, lives will be saved and jobs will be retained by the decisions made and actions taken by you.

However, that may come at price, one that we may not currently be able to anticipate. So we will encourage you to think about whether you need a break in the later part of this year. Or whether you need to make other changes in order to catch a breath before the ‘new new normal’ resumes.

Stage 2 is to take the mind away from the present and dream a little

This virus has reminded us all that life is precious and time finite.

I am going to talk to you about your ‘Big Dream Twenty Two’.

I want you to visualise something completely wonderful that you’re going to do for six weeks in 2022.

At this stage, the value is in the dream and planning that surrounds this. We can deal with the excuses in 2021.

But for now, I’m going to ask all clients to tell me what their vision is, and we are going to plan how that can happen.

I’ll give you mine: learning to kite surf in Barbados. Who’s coming with me?

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