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Do you have all your eggs in one basket?

If so, you’re vulnerable.

What do rowing across an ocean and saving for retirement have in common? 

Before this year, I’d never have contemplated it. 

But now that preparations are underway for my great Atlantic Ocean row from La Gomera to Antigua in December 2025, I’m seeing all the parallels. 

“How do you successfully row an ocean from one side to the other?” 

(without dying of exhaustion and drowning) 

That’s the big question I’ve been discovering the answer to firsthand over the past few months. 

The temptation is to simply spend as much time as possible on the most accessible form of rowing-related training – an indoor rower. 

Then as much time as possible actually rowing on the ocean. 

Both of those are important – especially the real-life ocean rowing part. 

But it would be a naive, shallow, one-dimensional approach to only focus on building the rowing muscle. 

I’ll need to be strong in a very holistic way to row this ocean successfully. 

I’ll need a robust, physically strong body – and a mentally strong and resilient mind.

That’s why my cross-training regime also includes: 

• Hiking up mountains solo (I recently climbed Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales – twice in a day)

• Boxing every Tuesday

• A planned 60 miles of walking over two days in September 

• The Tough Mudder assault course in October

Each of these help me to: 

- Practice problem-solving on my own

- Strengthen muscles I may have neglected or forgotten about – but will need

- Up my mental game  

It’s very similar to the way I approach strategy as a financial adviser when I’m working with you to reach your wealth goals.

When someone asks me, “How do you save for retirement?”

My answer would never be to: 

• Invest thousands in just one company

• Invest only in property

• Focus only on your pension fund

Having all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

The famous Economist, Harry Markowitz, described diversification as “the only free lunch in finance.”

To get the best investment results and protect our wealth with a robust strategy, we need to invest in different companies, in different sectors, and in different parts of the world. 

Breaking that down further, my advice would be to focus on three areas: 

  1. Diversification 

  1. Consistency 

  1. Time in the market

Just like my ocean rowing training:  

  1. Rowing, running, walking, boxing, cycling, skiing (Diversification) 

  1. 30-60 mins each day (Consistency) 

  1. Two years of preparation (Time in the strategy) 

By applying strategies that have served investors well for decades, I’m confident the same will translate to a strong performance in the boat – and a successful solo voyage across the Atlantic. 

Until next time.



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