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9 ways to nail money like a world-class athlete

Achieve your goals, secure your future

I admire anyone who competes in a sport.

Even if it's not a sport I'm familiar with – gymnastics for example.

I can still imagine the commitment and discipline those athletes have had from a young age to reach the top.

Who I really admire, though, are those people who are nowhere near the top but compete all over the world to reach a personal best position of, for example, 157 in the women's or men's tennis rankings – often for very little pay.

Athletes possess qualities like discipline, determination, and perseverance.

We can take those and apply them to personal financial management as well.

Here are nine ways you can approach your finances like a world-class athlete:

#1 Set Clear Goals: Just like athletes set specific performance goals, you should establish clear financial goals.

Whether it's saving for retirement, buying a house, or paying off debt, having well-defined objectives will give you something to strive for and help you stay focused.

#2 Create a Training Plan: Athletes follow rigorous training plans to improve their skills. Similarly, you can create a financial plan that outlines your budget, savings, and investment strategies.

Regularly review and adjust this plan as needed to stay on track.

#3 Stay Disciplined: Athletes maintain strict discipline in their training regimens.

Apply this discipline to your finances by avoiding unnecessary expenses, sticking to your budget, and resisting impulsive spending.

#4 Resilience and Patience: Athletes face setbacks and injuries but bounce back with resilience.

In your financial journey, there may be setbacks like market downturns or unexpected expenses.

Stay patient, adapt your financial plan if needed, and keep your long-term goals in mind.

#5 Seek Professional Guidance: Athletes often have coaches to help them reach their full potential.

Consider seeking guidance from financial advisors or planners who can provide expertise and help you make informed decisions.

#6 Track Your Progress: Athletes keep records of their performance to track progress. Similarly, regularly monitor your financial accounts, investments, and debts.

Knowing where you stand financially is crucial for making adjustments and staying on course. That’s why we launched Barnaby Cecil: The App in 2021 to help you on your journey to financial success.

#7 Teamwork: Athletes often work as part of a team. In your financial life, involve your family or a trusted financial partner.

Discuss financial goals and decisions together to ensure everyone is aligned.

#8 Celebrate Achievements: Athletes celebrate their victories. When you reach financial milestones or achieve your goals, take time to celebrate your financial successes.

This helps maintain motivation and reinforce positive financial habits.

#9 Stay Healthy: Athletes prioritise their physical and mental health.

Good financial habits include maintaining an emergency fund and securing insurance to protect against unexpected financial challenges.


By approaching your finances with the same commitment and principles as a world-class athlete – playing the long game, consistently – you can achieve your financial goals and secure your financial future.

Until next time.



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