Barnaby Cecil for retirement

There are two stages to retirement. 


Accumulation phase. You exchange your working capital for independence and dignity as your inclination and alacrity for the 9 – 5 begins to decline. We can help to decide how to save and where to save, so that you may fully maximise your worth.



Decumulation or drawdown phase. The three-step life of childhood, work and retirement is no more. And that is a wonderful thing because it will give many people a fulfilling transition from traditional working life to the first stage of retirement. Many people now launch their first business in their 60s. 


We have built our retirement modelling tools to reflect the views of retirement put forward in an excellent book ‘The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity’ by Andrew Scott and Gratton Lynda. 


People will launch entirely new careers at 60, provide care support for grandchildren from 70, or perhaps travel the world at 80. This will require flexible and innovative long term planning. 


We can help you draw from your working capital in a measured and fulfilling way. We believe the primary objective for most clients as they transition from full-time work are options and choice. We can help you achieve this. 


Life goes better when you make a plan.