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We have identified a consistent theme running through the media and tech sector. You are probably on a good level of income, with a fantastic and flexible but complex employment package.


Coupled with this, it is the nature of the industry that people tend to move around, as they grow and develop their career. And so, they move from one complicated employment package to another. You may have collected several pension schemes at this point. 


And finally, our experience is that you find finance really boring. The good news, we’re not boring.


We can help. We have clients at firms such as Google, Facebook and leading agencies, so we understand your employment structure. We can advise you on how best to maximise your employee benefits. Don’t fancy reading that 40 page document HR sent you on your company share options? Relax. We’ve read it for you. 


If you feel it’s time to add some structure to your finances, drop us a line, skype or call. 


Life goes better when you make a plan.  

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